Stress, Screaming and super people

Anything involving medical insurance is a nightmare.  I used to work in healthcare software.  It is a “system” that is completely non-standardized, committee-designed where money is made most easily by doing nothing.  Send the patient the bill.  The end.

But if you happen to magically find people who need/want to get paid and maybe actually care about your situation, magically, things can happen.  And fairly quickly even.

Going through IVF – again – after a year long break.  So many appointments and tests and referrals and more tests and results and labs and blood tests and medications and claims and authorizations.  And hope and fear and generally being powerless.

I am not good at powerless.  This whole process makes me feel like a victim.  Or a video game princess.  And somehow also the little jumping guy.

Yes that is the metaphor.  I have no idea why I have to collect a huge number of these things and avoid those things and take them all to this place over here.  Which actually just send me back somewhere else with half a set of the next thing I need to find or get someone to make.  I don’t know why I need that and no one I ask seems to be able to say more than “Do you have all the shiny things?  Come back when you have all of them.  The blood taking might be able to help you.”

WHAT?! who? where?

I don’t know.  I thought I was succeeding in my quest.  Had all my ducks in the proper rows.  And helpful little computer system – hopefully not one I helped build – tells them nope sorry you can have these needles and expensive drugs from us.  That you need to start using in less than 48 hours.

I break down, throw the controller at the screen and drive home in tears, screaming at the pretty scenic sun dappled trees until I can get somewhere with phone service.

Then I start calling and leaving messages.  I become the quest giver.  You will get me a pre auth and find a supplier or you don’t get all the shiny stuff you know you right there.  That is in my power.

You will put together the mysterious vials and get them to me before time runs out.  There is a bonus from that evil wizard if you do.  I give this quest to three pharmacies.

By screaming and crying and accepting that I am not the one who can or should be jumping through all the hoops, suddenly I have a horde of sprites calling each other and making the system work.  And then calling me back with updates of quest progress.

Maybe the princess will be in this castle.


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